Sarah's 'Cruel Trilogy' is now published by UYMP. All three pieces are available separately or as part of the 'Songspin Songbook', a sheet music version of Juice's debut album, 'Songspin'.

"Cruel Mother was vividly doom-laden in mood and musically ingenious" - The Daily Telegraph
"Cruel Mother sent a chill up the spine" - The Times
'Stupid Cupid: How NOT to Date Online'
Premiered at the Tete-a-Tete Opera Festival, 2014

Everyone has their own dating horror stories. Online dating has seen an upsurge of users over the past few years. Whereas personalised ads used to be viewed as perhaps slightly sleazy and risky, creating an online profile – akin to one you would create on Facebook or Twitter – seems far more acceptable these days. That said, STUPID CUPID: HOW NOT TO DATE ONLINE is a skit that sets some of the bizarre messages my friends and I have received over the past few years, interspersed with a few comic
gems from blogs about Tinder and Grindr.

Soprano: Sarah Dacey
Mezzo: CN Lester
Tenor: Greg Tassell
Bass: Cheyney Kent